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Caress the detail, the divine detail


My art is continuously inspired by the beauty of detail surrounding us. We consume our world as an overload of photographic imagery, yet hardly pause to appreciate the divine within the commonplace.

Painting in the highly detailed style of Photorealism affords me the opportunity to explore the intricate relationships between light, shade, color, tone and space. In a world of fleeting imageries, it allows me the luxury of pausing to admire, to reflect and to undertake a journey into the infinitesimal.

For my paintings, I prefer the richness of oils; while in my drawings I gravitate to the stark beauty that graphite and charcoal can access – especially in human faces. 

In my self-taught journey of artistic exploration, I am naturally drawn to the art and techniques of the Old Flemish Masters. My oil paintings are built using multiple layers of monochromatic underpainting as the foundation for super-thin glazed color layers on top. Building a painting over a minimum of seven such detailed layers is a contemplative immersion that can consume anywhere upwards of 200 work hours. Each oil painting is thus a labour of love and adoration.

The focus of my work in oils is still life. Still life not only aids my exploration of a photographic image, it helps stage an alternate reality. The choice of objects and the setting go beyond being captured moments in time; to being representations of culture, people and their associations with those objects.

My current work combines the artistic traditions of the Flemish Masters with the cultural traditions of my country India, in an interpretation that is classical yet contemporary. Timeless and enduring.



  • IGOR (International Guild of Realism) Spring Salon Online Exhibition - March 2020

  • 102nd All India Annual Art Exhibition - Art Society of India - February 2020

  • IGOR (International Guild of Realism) Winter Salon Online Exhibition - March 2019 

  • 101st All India Annual Art Exhibition - Art Society of India - March 2019

  • 126th All India Annual Art Exhibition - Bombay Art Society - Feb 2018

  • The Affordable Art Fair Singapore - April 2016 

  • India Art Festival, New Delhi - January 2016

  • 123rd All India Annual Art Exhibition - Bombay Art Society - Feb 2015


  • Mumbai City Award in Drawing - Kalanand Art Contest 2019

  • Maharashtra State Award in Painting - Kalanand Art Contest 2018

  • Maharashtra State Award in Drawing - Kalanand Art Contest 2018



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