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Sripriya Mozumdar was born in Chennai, brought up in Mumbai, married into Bengal and now lives and paints in Mumbai. 


An ex-marketing professional, Sripriya is a self-taught artist inspired by the art and techniques of the Dutch Masters. An observant eye and a fixation for perfection are evident in Sripriya’s photorealistic still lifes and portraits. They make one immerse in beauty and appreciate everything as divine, never mundane.


Sripriya says: “In my journey of teaching myself oil painting, I was instinctively drawn to the multi-layered techniques of the Old Dutch Painting masters and to photo-realism.  Photo-realism focuses on amplifying the image, rather than the artist: it is about bringing forth the inherent beauty and minute details of the mundane, rather than focusing on the hand working the piece. Me as the artist is best present in my total absence in the painted image - that is my expression, my voice. My greatest joy is when my painting is mistaken for a photograph.  


All my recent works showcase my explorations in photo-realism - in both oil and charcoal-graphite, the two mediums that I like to work with. My art is about humble adoration. From the luxury of pausing to stand and stare. Of a
never-ending journey into the infinite. Of the attempt to discover God within the detail.”



  • IGOR (International Guild of Realism) Spring Salon Online Exhibition - March 2020

  • 102nd All India Annual Art Exhibition - Art Society of India - February 2020

  • IGOR (International Guild of Realism) Winter Salon Online Exhibition - March 2019 

  • 101st All India Annual Art Exhibition - Art Society of India - March 2019

  • 126th All India Annual Art Exhibition - Bombay Art Society - Feb 2018

  • The Affordable Art Fair Singapore - April 2016 

  • India Art Festival, New Delhi - January 2016

  • 123rd All India Annual Art Exhibition - Bombay Art Society - Feb 2015


  • Mumbai City Award in Drawing - Kalanand Art Contest 2019

  • Maharashtra State Award in Painting - Kalanand Art Contest 2018

  • Maharashtra State Award in Drawing - Kalanand Art Contest 2018



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