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Caress the detail, the divine detail

I am an ex-marketing professional turned self-taught artist. My artistic journey is informed by my deep interest in history, culture and all things classical. The beauty of the commonplace is forefront in my art - in glorious photo-realistic detail. In a world that places a premium on 'instant, digital and virtual'; my art is 'slow, hand-made and purist'. It focuses on the pure joy of being, of the need to pause and to reflect, and to undertake an inward journey into the infinitesimal. My world of slow art is an opportunity to appreciate the divine and seek meaning in the commonplace.

Three primary influences define my art: The trademark fusion of European realism with Indian symbolism of the 'father of modern indian art - Raja Ravi Varma; the polished still life of the master Dutch artist - Willem Heda and the photo-realistic chroniclings of the American master Ralph Goings. 

A large part of my work in oils focuses on still life. Through my choice of objects and settings, my still life paintings stage an alternate reality – a silent representative of culture, people and symbology. For it is the hidden language of human artifacts that I seek to focus on and uncover in each of my still life paintings. 

My oil paintings are as much influenced by the art and time-honored techniques of the European masters as by my heritage and outlook. Each of my oil paintings are built over a minimum of seven detailed layers in
a contemplative immersion that can consume anywhere upwards of 200 work hours. Each oil painting is thus a labour of love and adoration - a contemporary tribute to the knowledge passed down ​by the great masters.

Whether in oils or in my charcoal-graphite drawings, I think of myself as a chronicler of our lives and times. And I remain ultimately a deep observer - a painter of life.


  • Kalanand 'Inspiring India' exhibition at the CSMVS, Mumbai - April 2023

  • IGOR (International Guild of Realism) Fall Salon Online Exhibition - October 2022

  • Evocative Objects: Still Life - group show with Kalakriti Art Gallery - April 2022

  • IGOR (International Guild of Realism) Spring Salon Online Exhibition - March 2021

  • IGOR (International Guild of Realism) Spring Salon Online Exhibition - March 2020

  • 102nd All India Annual Art Exhibition - Art Society of India - February 2020

  • IGOR (International Guild of Realism) Winter Salon Online Exhibition - March 2019 

  • 101st All India Annual Art Exhibition - Art Society of India - March 2019

  • 126th All India Annual Art Exhibition - Bombay Art Society - Feb 2018

  • The Affordable Art Fair Singapore - April 2016 

  • India Art Festival, New Delhi - January 2016

  • 123rd All India Annual Art Exhibition - Bombay Art Society - Feb 2015


  • Merit Grant in Kalanand Art Contest 2022-23

  • Semi-Finalist in the Art Renewal Centre's 16th ARC Salon 2022 

  • Finalist in 5th Boynes Emerging Artist Award - Dec 2021 

  • Bronze Award in Realism 2021 by Camelback Gallery 

  • Mumbai City Award in Drawing - Kalanand Art Contest 2019

  • Maharashtra State Award in Painting - Kalanand Art Contest 2018

  • Maharashtra State Award in Drawing - Kalanand Art Contest 2018





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For inquiries on available paintings and customized commissions, please write to me. 

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