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A still portrait of a loved one puts together their cherished objects for a glimpse of the personality beyond the face. It is an opportunity to celebrate those facets of a person as are revealed by their possessions - their occupation, interests, hobbies, even their sense of style. 

Do objects belonging to your loved ones have pride of place in your home. Do you store them fondly because they recall special quirks, events or memories. Then maybe it is time to celebrate them through a still portrait.

Contact me to commission a still portrait of your loved one 


This oil painting is a still portrait of my father-in-law. It showcases his favourite hat and the kurta that his son bought him, the wrist watch his office gifted him, gold kurta buttons that he wore for his wedding, his fountain pen and best loved books. 

These objects which he cherished in his lifetime are deeply valued personal memorabilia for our family.

And this painting is a celebration of the man behind the face of Dhiraj Mozumdar.  

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