Pitara is my photo-realistic series in oils where the language is Flemish and still life, the ideas and expressions Indian.

Each object in these still life paintings represents the human world behind that object - from the hand that made it, to the one that owned it, to the cultural associations, personal memories and emotions attached to its use. My still life speak the hidden language of human artifacts. 

These photorealistic paintings present the rich, earthy and warm tones of traditional India, capturing glimpses of its culture and food. The deep shadows and play of light on traditional materials draw inspiration from Flemish paintings and so does the multi-layered technique used to render these still life paintings.

Greeshma, Saawan, Shringaar, Nrittya, Drishti, Ujjwal and Swaad - each showcase objects that hold ingrained cultural meanings and associations for me as an Indian. 

Pitara - my Indian treasure trove