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My painting process is derived from the time-honored traditions of the Old Dutch Masters of Oil Painting and references the multi-layered technique often known as the Flemish Painting Style. In this method, an oil painting

is built up over mutiple layers of thin painting. One or more monochromatic under-painting layers - an umber layer followed by the dead grisaille layer - form the foundations of determining tone and value. A minimum of three thin color layers are then glazed over the under-paintings to achieve a jewel-like tonal quality and depth. Each painting is thus a labor of meditative love, that can consume anywhere close to 200 work hours.


The videos below offer a quick glimpse into this process of creating slow handmade art, the Flemish way. 

the making of swaad - the taste
the making of bhakti
the making of ujjwal
the making of drishti
The making of Nrittya - Indian dance
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